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1" x 2" Heavy Duty CableCatches Strap (5/pack)


Anchor cords, cables and wires neatly along surfaces and out of the way.

Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive securely attaches to equipment racks, desks, or walls.

Peel-away backing makes the CableCatch easy to use to install.

"Soft Hold" of the CableCatches successfully maintains the integrity of the cable performance, and offer easy & reliable way to organize high performance data cable without using nylon ties.

One quick pull of the tab releases the bundle for easy rearranging and quick equipment set-ups.

Re-usable and environmentally friendly, no more throwing away nylon cable ties.


  • Permanently adheres to desk/equipment racks & other smooth surfaces
  • Fast Velcro? cable release
  • Ten colors to choose from!
  • Easy Change of Equipment and Cords
  • Tidy Way to Organize Cables


  • Size: 1" x 2"
  • Colors: Black, Gray
  • 5 per Pack

  • Color: 
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