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2 1/4" Metal Braided Sleeving,50' spool, Silver

2 1/4

Tinned Copper Braided Metal Sleeving

Ideal for shielding, grounding, this metal braided sleeving is also commonly used by motorcycle and hot rod enthusiasts to cover up hoses on their machines for that dressed-up look.

Features :-

    * Complies with CID A-A-59569 (formerly Mil-spec QQB-575)
    * EMI, RFI, ESD Protection
    * Provides estreme blowout protection
    * Easy to work with and install
    * Highly Abrasion and cut resistant
    * Resists common chemicals and solvents
    * Flexible and strong
    * RoHS compliant
Nominal Size Part # AWG of Ends Carriers Wires per Carrier Current Capacity Amps Standard Spool Put-Ups Available Colors Lbs/100'
Bulk Spool Shop Spool
*2 1/4" MBN2.25SV 30 48 16 190 100' 50' Silver (SV) 23.60

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