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2"D x 8"W x 60"L CM10 Straight Cable Tray


Pro-10 Series Cable Trays - Straight Sections CM10 Cable Tray straight sections(.120) are designed and have a grid pattern of 2" x 2". They can be used for the support of fiber optics and as tray separators. They are available in industry standard widths of 2", 4", 6" and 8". Available lengths are: 1', 2', 5', 8' and 10'. Height/Depth measurements are 2" or 4". Available colors: Yellow, Chrome, White & Black. Call us with your custom requirement if the above standard dimensions are not suitable for your application. Interconnecting hardware is included. CM10 is not UL classified.


    * Fabricated from 11 gauge steel
    * Ideal for fiber optics and as tray separator
    * 2" x 2" grid pattern mimizes cable sag
    * Availabe in 5 standard colors: Yellow, White, Chrome & Black
    * Custom colors are also available with additional lead time
    * Powder coated for a smooth and burr free surface
    * Corrosion is minimized due to powder coating
    * Made in the USA

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