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3.38" Duraflex PRO Woven Nylon Sleeving, Black, 25'


DURA FLEX PROFESSIONAL (DP) provides tough hose protection two ways. First, per the ISO 6945 spec, DP's unique 80 mil thick tubular weave design will withstand up to 13,000 abrasion cycles without wearing through the fabric at any location.

Additionally, the exceptionally smooth inner wall provides easy installation and minimizes any internal abrasion problems. The tightly woven Nylon construction is extremely flexible and resists chemical and ultraviolet degradation.

Dura-Flex Professional cuts with a scissor, installs quickly and easily. DP is perfect for industrial and construction applications where adequate protection is needed.

Dura-Flex Professional is available in Black.


  • 13,000 Cycles Abrasion Resistance
  • Heavy Duty, 80 Mil Wall Thickness
  • ISO 6945 Certified
  • Professional Grade Construction
  • Smooth Inner Wall Prevents Internal Abrasion Damage
  • Nylon Construction Resists UV, Salt, Chemicals, Vermin, and Rot

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