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3/4" 2:1 Fabric Heat Shrink Tubing, 5x100' Qty, Black


This unique product is made of Polyolefin and Polyester yarns, making it the only shrinkable fabric of its kind.It has a shrink ratio of 2:1. This product is extremely flexible and resistant to trapping water, heat and humidity. It provides exceptional protection from abrasions, chafing and cutting even at high temperatures, It is ideal for protecting components such as plastic pipes, rubber hoses, harnesses and wiring bundles. Where noise and rattling is an issue, this product can be the solution to this problem.


    Shrinks to 1/2 it's original diameter.
    High shrink temperature - 176 degrees fahrenheit.
    Resists common automotive chemicals.
    Halogen Free.
    Easy to Install
    Cuts easily with shart scissors
    Rohs compliant
    Easy to install
Abrasion Properties
Material Polyolefin and Polyester yarns
Ratio 2 to 1
Flammability Non-Flame-Retardant
Shrink Temperature 176° F (80° C)
Maximum Continuous Temperature / MIL-DTL-23053 257° F (125° C)
Minimum Continuous Temperature / MIL-DTL-23053 -40° F (-40° C)
Recommended Cutting Scissors
Wall Type Single
Pliancy Very Flexible
Abrasion Resistance High
Chemical Resistance Lubricating oil, Antifreeze (50% Ethylene Glycol), Brake Fluid, Engine Oil, Unleaded Gasoline, Diesel Fluid, Hydraulic Fluid, Mineral Hydraulic Fluid, Battery Acid, Water

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