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3/4" Inside Diameter ConvoShield AL Aluminized Tubing, 37.40"


ConvoShield AL™, by Bentley Harris is manufactured to protect wires and hoses in radiant heat environments. This shielding is designed for applications with heat source temperatures up to1000°F (500°C). It's easy to install with it's lengthwise slit. Ideal for protecting hoses, wires and harnesses in applications where there is high temperature such as in engine compartments. It's also commonly used in cars to dress up "under the hood".

Convoshield AL is also extremely resistant to automotive fluids and may be classed as insulative against 12-volt battery currents.

Features :-

    * Provides protection of hoses and wires in heated environments up to 1000°F

    * Tests have shown that ConvoSheild will provide some degree of static dissipation & RFI shielding

    * Provides thermal protection

    * Resistant to automotive fluids

    * Chrome finish

    * Slit lenghtwise for easy installation

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