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4" 18lb Metal Detectable Ties, 18# Test, 100 pcs/pack


Metal detectable cable ties using Nylon material blended with iron, providing magnetic properties throughout. It can be identified by any type of metal detection equipment as well as other visual security tool like X Ray Scanners.

Weather resistant and cost effective than stainless steel tie, can be used very safely, efficiently in wide range of indoor as well as outdoor applications. These cable ties comply with the food, beverage and pharmaceutical safety standards.

Very reliable and consistent performance due to its one piece construction. User friendly Smooth edges for safe operation and curved tips for speedy installations. Available in sizes from 4 inches to 14 inches long with tie tensile ranging from 18 lb. to 120 lb.

Technical Specification -

  • Length - 3.9 Inches (100 mm)
  • Width - 0.098 Inches (2.5 mm)
  • Bundle Diameter - 0.87 Inches (22 mm)
  • Minimum Loop Tensile - 18 lbs
  • Package Quantity - 100 Per Bag

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