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4" Deep Reducer, 12" to 8", 2' Length


The M.E.2 cable management system is manufactured with rigid .187 diameter zinc plated steel wire, welded in a 2 inch x 4 inch grid. M.E.2 cable trays can be configured at the installation site. Two or 4 inch deep trays available in 6, 8, 12, 18 and 24 inch widths, offer a wide variety of wire channel routing and protection options. The 2 x 4 inch grid design facilitates simple cable break outs while supporting the cable. The open grid design prevents dirt and dust build-up experienced in closed cable trays. Reducer sections come in wider dimensions only where required, building in cost savings. Tray sections can be easily interconnected, using industry common splice washer clamps. M.E.2 trays can be mounted on walls or posts, on ceilings or installed under raised flooring with Cable-Mgr. hardware.

Features :-

    * Factory fabricated junctions save installation time and cut costs.
    * 2 x 4 inch grid provides easy cable routing in or out of tray sections.
    * Available metal tray divider for cable separation.
    * Rigid steel construction
    * Made in the USA

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