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5 Channel ADA Cable Protector, Channel Width 1.339" x 1.875" High, Black Lid/Black Base

5 Channel ADA Cable Protector, Channel Width 1.339

Product SKU: CP-YJ5125ADA-B/B


  • Protects your cables and hoses up to diameter of 1.325"
  • All weather supported polyurethane construction
  • Comes with Dog Bone Connectors to extend upto any desired length
  • No Connectors Required - Built In ADA Accessibility Ramps
  • Maximum traction with Patented 5-Bar Tread Surface
  • Able to lift traffic up to 21,000lbs(9,752 kg)/axle
  • Ideal for use in Industrial purpose, most public as well as construction sites, parks, sports events and live concert venues
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