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ADA Ramps and Connectors for GuardDog CRGD5X125

ADA Ramps and Connectors for GuardDog CRGD5X125

Cross-Guard� ADA Ramps and Rails for select Guard Dog� cable protectors.
Designed to make cable protectors ADA Compliant. Cross-Guard ADA Compliant Ramps and Rails feature a gentle slope and slip resistant ramps to provide a safe crossing point for wheelchairs, carts and vehicles with small wheels. While these ramps and rails are the perfect solution for making events ADA compliant, they still allow users to have access to their cables and cords as needed. These ramps and rails can also be used in conjunction with Guard Dog-compatible Cross-Link Protector Bridges and Cross-Guard Rail Barriers.
Fits only Guard Dog 5 channel and Guard Dog 3 channel drop over cable protectors. CABLE PROTECTORS MUST BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY.


  • LOAD CAPACITY: 10,500 lbs/tire (21,000 lbs/axle)
  • Compatible with select Guard Dog Cable Protectors.
  • Lightweight, 36" wide, modular ADA compliant ramps.
  • Quick attachment to one or multiple cable protectors.
  • Side rails provide ADA compliant edge protection.
  • Add ramps and rails whenever requirements specify.
  • Does not prevent accessibility to cables and cords
  • One person installation - no tools required.
Cross-Guard ramps and rails are compatible only with Linebacker and Guard Dog cable protectors as specified. Improper use with other cable protector brands may result in product failure or injury.

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