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Avery Dennison Manual Cable tie Tool

Avery Dennison Manual Cable tie Tool

Avery Dennison Cable Tie Tools

Avery Dennison Cable Tie Installaton Tools are designed and engineered to be reliable and e

Ergonomically designed, Avery Dennison Cable Tie Installation Tools help improve productivity while reducing worker fatigue Made from lightweight cast aluminum, they offer both the strength and durability that is needed in many production environments. Tested to have consistent cutting cycles. Distance between the trigger and handle have been minimized making the tool more comfortable to use. Both tools will accommodate all miniature (18# test), intermediate (40# test) and standard ties (50# test) or ties ranging from 2.54mm - 4.83mm in width.

Features :-

    * Built to withstand the rigors of daily use on assembly line or production operations.
    * Improved internal mechanism design increases long-term tool reliablity.
    * Ergonomically shaped body and handle for operator comfort.
    * Minimal distance between trigger and handle lowvers the force needed to operate the tool.
    * Easy to read tension setting indicator.
    * Non-slip adjustment knob ensures consistency from one operator to another.
    * Nose of tool allows easy access for miniature, intermediate and standard ties.
    * Optimal blade and tool geometry improves cutting capability for more precise custs.
    * Replacement parts and accessory kits available - call for pricing.
    * Can handle ties with widths from .10" to .19" (2.54mm - 4.83mm).

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