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Do-Lite 1-Channel Drop Over Protector (Channel width 1.375")

Do-Lite 1-Channel Drop Over Protector (Channel width 1.375

Designed without a base plate, just drop them over the cables you want to cover, connect them and the installation is complete. DO-Lite cable protectors are intended for use in offices, movie studios, theaters or other interior environments.


  • Connect multiple DO-Lites together to a cable run of any length
  • Drop over valuable cables, lines, hoses and connectors to protect them from wear and tear
  • Single channel systems organizes hoses, lines and cables
  • Install by dropping in place
  • Multiple DO-Lites snap together ? just align and step down to connect
  • Proprietary Hour Glass connectors hold these light weight cable protectors snugly together
  • Low angle ramps provide easy access for carts and pedestrians


  • Length: 35.25"
  • Width: 5.250"
  • Height: .75"
  • Channel Width: 1.375"
  • Channel Height: .500"
  • Colors: Yellow, Black

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