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Grommet Cable Dock, 3" o.d., 2 1/2" hole size

Grommet Cable Dock, 3

Why hunt under the desk for accessory plugs and cords? With the Grommet Cable Dock they are handy, just a fingertip away. When you need a specific accessory, just reach over and pull its cord out, plug it in, and -- away you go! How easy is this?

Unused cords are kept neatly and conveniently at hand with the retainer balls in contact with the "grommet dock". When a specific cord is needed, simply extend it out from the "grommet cable dock" and use as needed.

  • Overall diameter: 3"
  • Hole Size: 2 1/2"
  • Includes: cap, liner and five balls
  • Color combinations:
    • Black cap and liner/black balls;
    • Navy grey cap and liner/grey balls;
    • White cap and liner/electric pink balls.

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