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HD-15, Stereo Audio, 2 Keystone w/AC -Plug - Square

HD-15, Stereo Audio, 2 Keystone  w/AC -Plug  - Square

The Table Boxes are good for one solitary user, who can have a multitude of connection ports available to them to get dynamic along with easily personalized utilization. Produced from CNC milled galvanized steel meant for optimal smoothness, the Boxes employ a cover that would rise in an independently standing ninety six degree angle, and alternately shut, offering up smooth desk space. A rubber grommet cushioning on the inside will stop sound from the steel lid, and still provide added security. For sale in three different colors of black, aluminum or brass, and having a hole-cut size of just 3.5 inches, these components are unobtrusive and will fashionably match up with decor.

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