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Molded Rubber Hose & Cable Bridge, 12" x 32.5"

Molded Rubber Hose & Cable Bridge, 12

The Molded Rubber Hose and Cable Bridge protectors will be the best choice for heavy-weight functions, where vehicles will be traversing over hoses, cables and wires. Since they would definitely normally go through crushing and abrasion, rendering all of them useless in most cases, these bridges just drop over, for secure and dependable protection. With dividers within the channels for the purpose of neat cable runs, those bridges themselves are relatively lightweight, which means they will be straightforward to install and take away. Our RHCB12A model also offers a choice of a strong aluminum insert, meaning that every time you need to modify or maybe inspect a hose or wire, there's no need to fully remove the bridge. Elective connectors enable stable connections among bridges, making it possible for your coverage and defense to be as wide as required.

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