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Molded Rubber Hose & Cable Bridge, 12" x 32.75"

Molded Rubber Hose & Cable Bridge, 12

The Molded Rubber Hose and Cable Bridge protectors really are perfect for heavy-weight functions, where vehicles might be crossing over hoses, cables and wires. Since they would definitely usually experience crushing and abrasion, rendering them useless in many instances, the bridges simply drop over, for safe and trustworthy protection. With partitioning in the channels designed for neat cable runs, the bridges themselves are remarkably light-weight, meaning they are simple to install and remove. Our RHCB12A design also provides a choice of an aluminum insert, therefore any time you will need to modify or maybe inspect a hose or wire, you don't have to completely remove the bridge. Optional connectors allow for strong links in between bridges, enabling your coverage and defense to be as wide as required.

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