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Rubber Duct Protector Powerback 3/4" H x 7/8" W each

Rubber Duct Protector Powerback 3/4

Powerback RFD6 Rubber Duct Protector

Ideal for public, commercial, or industrial applications.

Powerback RFD6 Rubber Duct Protectors are ideal for lightweight vehicles, carts and pedestrian traffic in public, commercial and industrial areas. These large two channel protectors are designed for most multiple cable applications in walkways or work areas. They are non-metallic, flexible rubber protectors that allow you to organize portable cords and cables while reducing trip hazards. Protector is supplied unslit but can be slit on the bottom for easy cord insertion.

RFD6 protectors are available in 5' or 10' lengths.

NOTE This rubber duct protector is shipped without slits on the bottom but can easily be slit for cord insertion. All Powerback Protectors feature ribbed underside to prevent slipping.

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