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Wires Hider Cord Cover, Black , 59"

Wires Hider Cord Cover, Black , 59

Wires Hider Cord Covers

Wires Hider cord covers are attractive in their profile and color. Their rounded profile allows for a less obvious wall or floor cord protection. Made from pvc, they are durable and long lasting. With their pre-applied adhesive backing, they are simple and easy to install. Ideal for home, office or any environment where wires are messy and requires an organized solution.


    * Made from 94V-0 PVC which is self-exstinguishing
    * Warp-proof
    * Maximum service temperature: 85°C or 185° F
    * Easy to install - pre-applied peel and stick backing

    * Overall Width: 2.5" (60mm)
    * Overall Height: 0.50" (13mm)
    * Channel Width: 1,18" (30mm)
    * Channel Height: 0.35" (9mm)

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