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Wires Hider Cord Cover, Dark Oak Woodgrain. 59" Long

Wires Hider Cord Cover, Dark Oak Woodgrain. 59

Wires Hider Cord Covers

Wires Hider cord covers are attractive in their profile and color. Their rounded profile allows for a less obvious wall or floor cord protection. Made from pvc, they are durable and long lasting. With their pre-applied adhesive backing, they are simple and easy to install. Ideal for home, office or any environment where wires are messy and requires an organized solution.


    * Wood grain look
    * Made from 94V-0 PVC which is self-exstinguishing
    * Warp-proof
    * Maximum service temperature: 85°C or 185° F
    * Easy to install - pre-applied peel and stick backing

    * Overall Width: 2.5" (60mm)
    * Overall Height: 0.50" (13mm)
    * Channel Width: 1,18" (30mm)
    * Channel Height: 0.35" (9mm)

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