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Two Channel Drop Over Cable Cover

Two Channel Drop Over Cable Cover
  • 48" Length
  • Easy drop-over design lets you install the cover over top of your cords in only moments rather than wrestle items inside as with many other cable covers
  • The body is made of strong, dense rubber which will withstand the elements in any setting.
  • The base has excellent traction for a sure grip on the floor or surface below it, and the raised diamond tread on top will make certain that shoes and feet will grip it as well, and not slip.
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  • Specification
    • Both the ends of each protector will interlock, which ensures that length will not shift, pinching contents and possibly causing tripping.
    • The interlocking ends will let you customize the length of your covered run, giving you dynamic cable management and defense.
    • Each inner channel has a height of 1" and width of 1.75", giving you space for multiple standard cables. The overall width of the protector itself is 10.75", allowing the raised center to gradually slope upwards then down, further protecting against people tripping over the cover.
    • Each Two Channel Cable Cover comes in lengths of 48", and in the color black
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